Is internet provided?

Is internet provided?


Wireless internet is provided for free in all serviced apartments.

The speed of the internet connection provided varies and may be listed on the property details webpage.

Login details are provided on arrival.

If you have any trouble accessing the internet after check-in please contact the apartment manager as soon as possible.

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    • Do the apartments provide additional towels and bed linens?

      Yes. This can be requested and if available will be provided for an extra charge.
    • Can I request for more cleaning?

      Yes. This can be requested and if available will be provided for an extra charge. Extra housekeeping services are usually not available on Sundays or Bank Holidays.
    • Is there heating and air-conditioning in all apartments?

      Heating is provided in all serviced apartments in London and the UK. This may be in the form of central heating (most common), electric heaters or underfloor heating. However air-conditioning is not always provided or in-built within the properties.  ...
    • How often will my apartment be cleaned?

      Serviced apartments are regularly cleaned by a professional housekeeping team who clean the apartment, change the bed linen and towels, empty the bins and top up amenities (where provided).  This service is provided on a weekly basis or daily basis ...
    • Is there a washing machine in the apartment?

      Serviced apartments may or may not have a washing machine within the apartment.  You may have access to washing machine and a drying rack or a washer dryer which is a combined unit for washing and dryer which will be located in the kitchen or within ...